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Components & Accessories

The components are divided into primary built-up members and secondary built-up members by Shree Arihant Peb Engineering Pvt Ltd., and broadly divided into seven basic parts: wall girts, roof purlins, eave struts, columns and rafters, and frame pieces. Each of these elements is crucial to the overall structure's creation.

Smart Buildings

At its most basic, a smart building is one that is using technology to share information about what goes on in the building between systems so as to optimise the building’s performance. A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes to automatically control the building's operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems.

Features :

  • Systems are connected
  • The use of sensors
  • Automation
  • Data

Benefits :

  • They make the occupants more productive
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Significant operational savings